Recycling & water saving

Recycling & water saving


Recycled building materials

Crushed bitumen, recycled from roadworks in Melbourne are used in the entrance, carpark and driveway.

The farmhouse café is a replica of an early 1900s Australian colonial farmhouse. The solid cedar leadlight entry door and “clunker” windows are nearly a hundred years old. The polished timber floor and counter are both crafted from Victorian ash boards from an old Melbourne high school.

Hardwood timber beams and poles have been salvaged from a number of piers and bridges from the South Gippsland area. Wander around the park and you will find this magnificent chunky timber has been used to build bridges, outdoor furniture and in landscaping our indigenous gardens. This timber was also used to build our free BBQ shacks in the picnic grounds.

BBQ Shack May 2015

Water wise

Three huge water storage tanks, totaling 110,000 liters in volume, collect precious rainwater from all major buildings. Bathrooms are fitted with flow-limiting faucets and dual flush toilets with slim-line cisterns.

All waste water is treated on site with an “Ecomax” treatment plant, so nothing goes to storm water. The system is built on a slope so water flows by gravity through each treatment stage and requires no power to operate.

Recycling and waste treatment

Garden waste and kitchen scraps are given to our chooks, while fish waste is composted and used on our vegetable garden and worm farms. Cardboard and recyclable containers are collected from recycling bins located throughout the farm.

Chickens 2014